Game Compatibility Dilemma

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Game Compatibility Dilemma

Post by noddynod443 » Sun May 16, 2021 3:09 pm

I am trying to run the game called Axis & Allies RTS 2004.
I am using one gpu for my two Aster Multiseat workstations, so I need to run the two instances of the game in windowed mode.

All convenient windowed mode softwares such as DxWnd work fine for this.

However, I'm using windows 7, and it is known to cause this game to have random crashes. The fix according to an old forum is to use Windows 98/ME compatibility mode. This does prevent the crashes.

However, it is not physically possible for any of the convenient windowed mode softwares to run a game with windows 98 compatibility mode on at the same time. (The game bypasses into fullscreen mode.)

One software called 3D Analysis 2.36 has a "forced windowed mode" that works in this dilemma, but it causes both instances of the game to have lag, low fps, and audio stuttering.

Does anyone know of a way to run this game in windowed mode and with windows 98 compatibility mod on at the same time in windows 7?

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