Is there any way to run valorant from two different paths?

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Is there any way to run valorant from two different paths?

Post by cold » Mon Aug 22, 2022 1:58 am

Hello everyone. Basically the problem is in the title and I can't run valorant because the game detects the same path for both terminals and then if I click "PLAY" on both terminals, the game crashes automatically. I asked about this via email (to an aster worker) and he told me that it might be a problem with the paths that the riot launcher reads, so I should try to run it from two different paths. I already solved the problem about using 2 mice for each terminal (one mouse got locked due to valorant's anticheat), but I just need to know if my question has an answer. If anyone already solved this please HELP.
Once we click "PLAY" this happens:
---- I TRIED
- re-install the game in 2 differents hard-disk (when I do this and do a clean install, when I try to install the game on the second hard drive, it appears in the first launcher as not installed.)
- copy-paste game files in different paths (in the same hard-disk)
- run different riot launchers for each terminal.
- tried run the game using sandboxie.

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