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Post by sousana » Mon Jul 11, 2022 5:22 pm


I am trying to run two instances of fall guys on my computer, but it fails everytime. I am running aster so I can do multiseating, and I am using two account on my windows 10 computer.
When I try to run two instances, only one is working, while the other shows an error message. So I searched on internet and they said I have to run Fall Guys on a Sandboxie instance, so it is isolated. Unfortunalty I couldn't because the EasyAntiCheat block it. I tried running it directly from my computer, then I uninstalled it and installed Epic Game launcher through Sandboxie so everything is isolated. But it throws the same error with EasyAnticheat.
So I don't know how to isolate it so it doesn't throw an error.

I tried also to run a VM, but it is not launching at all, it tells me that something went wrong when I want to run Fall Guys in the VM. Even though, I can't share the GPU the same way I do it with Aster.

Can you give me advice to run it twice? I have the necessary ressources, but EAC is blocking all my attemps.

thank you

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Re: Fallguys

Post by psychrabi » Wed Aug 10, 2022 4:02 pm

EAC will block the 2nd instance of the game to prevent cheating.
Thus currently there are no working ways to make games that use EAC or Battleye to run 2 game instance in 2 workplaces

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Re: Fallguys

Post by andree23 » Sat Jun 17, 2023 12:02 pm

Running Fall Guys in a VM can be difficult due to the hardware requirements and limitations of sharing shell shockers GPU resources. If you're encountering errors when running Fall Guys in a VM, it might be due to the VM's configuration or hardware compatibility issues. Ensure that your VM is properly set up with adequate resources and the necessary virtualization extensions enabled.

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Re: Fallguys

Post by honestsnorkling » Tue Jul 04, 2023 6:35 am

Really fun to join the game. In terms of entertainment, if you don't mind trying again and again, this will be a lot of fun.

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