Games I have been able to play successfully

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Games I have been able to play successfully

Post by Noobmaster69 » Sat May 29, 2021 7:22 pm

Hey! I'm not really in the mood to explain a whole lot until somebody actually needs it, so I will have a general list, and you guys ask if you have any issues trying to run those games.

My Aster is just 2 workstations from a PC with the following specs:
Ryzen 7 2700X Processor, 16 Gb of RAM, Radeon RX 580 8gb, total 6 Terabytes between multiple disks.

With Epic Launcher (easiest launcher to run)
- Dungeons III
- Spellforce III
- Spellbreak
- Total War: Troy
- Among us
- The Cycle
- World War Z
- Torchlight II
- Rocket League

- Tricky games:
- Fortnite > a troubleshooting I have found (which doesn't work 100% of the time) is running it as an admin in one of the Workstations, and as soon as the loading image appears int he screen I run normally in the other Workstation.

- Trine 4 > This requires to run one of the GOG in one of the Workstations sandboxed, and it works pretty smooth.

> Nearly impossible
-- Running any Origin launcher games twice. I have in both of my main Epic accounts Star Wars: Battlefront 2 and the best I managed to do was to run Origin twice, but only one of the origins will connect online. Extremely complicated launcher. If anyone has a decent way to get around this, I would appreciate it.

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Re: Games I have been able to play successfully

Post by Suchy » Mon Aug 09, 2021 8:28 pm

THank for your post :) I have bought a moment ago my license and i will play with my gf c:

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Re: Games I have been able to play successfully

Post by psychrabi » Wed Aug 10, 2022 4:16 pm

You can still run 2 instance of Fortnite

But to run it you must turn it from the game folder by double clicking the fortnite launcher EAC.exe on one workplace
and fortnite launcher BE.exe on 2nd workplace

This way, one workplace will use EAC anticheat and another one will use Battleye, thus it should run without closing the game for another user.
have a try at it and let me know how it does.

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