Why I can't play League anymore.

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Why I can't play League anymore.

Post by Sylus » Mon Mar 15, 2021 7:42 am

I've never been a really good player, I always played to have fun and it was ok, I used to have those long lol nights with my friends, full of jokes and laughs. The community used to be good and comprehensive. Then I quit playing some time.
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Now at the first mistake the whole team start to throw shit at you, it's disgusting, you just wish to go afk. They don't even read what you type, there's no communication on champ select screen. Nobody assumes their mistakes. And my friends are so hyped about the competitive stage they don't invite me anymore because they just "play to win". There is no place in their team to me if I just want to have fun. I´ve never liked that kind of pressure, even more in video games, and from my own friends.

I lost my place in this game forever, I will have to say goodbye to those nights I enjoyed so much. I may just uninstall it. TL;DR: League is not anymore a "play for fun" game, is a "play to win". At least for casual players like me.

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