Windows XP era (and 95/98/00) gaming pc

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Windows XP era (and 95/98/00) gaming pc

Post by birbajans94 » Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:53 pm

Hello all,

I wish to set up an XP machine on which to play all my old games (from that era and earlier, as per title) - many of which struggle or simply refuse the awesome and newer 64-bit OSes.

I was able to play most on an old 2005-ish Acer laptop (Core Duo, Intel graphics) but that wasn't ideal.

I've read different takes on whether building a "new" PC from that era is the way to go or if installing XP alongside 10 on my modern machine (R5 1600, GTX 1080) does the job equally as well/better.

Within these two arguments of course becomes which ancient platform (478. 939, 775 etc) and whether or not XP and old games will play nicely on new hardware (support issues).

I'd love your input. Any other questions please feel free. Many thanks.

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