Best Win10 version for gaming / Activation question

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Best Win10 version for gaming / Activation question

Post by kinshuk2 » Wed Sep 30, 2020 7:21 pm

So, I was using Win10 Home build 1607 on my machine as it was deemed the best for gaming. Despite me trying to stop automatic updates (which was successful for a while), it's managed to get around my "fixes" and update to the latest version. I'm now getting horrible micro-stuttering and lower FPS on certain games. Is 1607 still the best version?

Also, I originally used a Win7 Home licence to activate Win10 Home, can I use a 7 Pro licence to activate 10 Pro? I seem to recall an article stating that Pro has more features/options for disabling updates.

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Re: Best Win10 version for gaming / Activation question

Post by djandomor » Mon Oct 05, 2020 12:47 am

Hello kinshuk2

Updates in windows its not for "fun" :)
Can you write what machine you got?
Some games got drops in FPS in some games.

My guess is - you instal or uinstall some critic app/game/program/ what make that problem
i got couple options for you
1) check on clean windows and max update ( before backup your all files or even entire HDD for restore)
2) stop almost every software which start with windows and dont need to be work in backgroud - such as antyvirus, cloud service, keyobard enchancment software etc
3) Restore your Aster settings and do basic config
4) Restore your game settings to default and try first on one "PC"
5) turn off Aster and check do "drop fps-stuttering" still appear
6) check your temperature of CPU and GPU
you can use for that CPU-Z, CoreTemp, and GPU-Z

Let me know do you test it all . and do some tip help

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