Full list of games I have tested (updated)

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Full list of games I have tested (updated)

Post by markh748 » Fri Aug 02, 2019 3:50 pm

Hi all,

I have been using Aster to play local multiplayer with two monitors and two workstations for a while now. Here is a list of games that I have tried. If others could contribute to the discussion that would be great!

For all the steam games I created a second steam installation by copying the steam.exe and steamapps folder to a new directory. This fixed a few games for me

Games that work perfectly
  • Left 4 Dead
  • Payday 2
  • Borderlands 2
  • The Division (UPlay)

    This works fine because UPlay allows two instances to run without Sandboxie!
  • Unreal Tournament (GOG DRM-Free version)
Games that sort of work..
  • Vermintide 2

    This works but only in the "modded realm" (which you choose from the launcher). Playing the regular mode uses EAC which causes the problem.
  • CSGO

    All modes work including matchmaking. I got a kicked a few times at the end of a few matches. I got an error about a "pure" server and a .vpk file to matching the server. It works almost perfectly though and I will test more.
Games that DO NOT work
  • Deep Rock Galactic

    Not sure why this doesn't work. The game can run on one workstation both with and without Sandboxie. But when I try and open two at once the second instance is met with this error screen.


    It seems to be game specific. I might email the devs about it since it's a great local coop game
  • Insurgency

    This is really disappointing since I just want to host a coop LAN server without using the BattleEye anticheat but this isn't an option when using Sandboxie
  • Ring of Elysium

    Again an issue with the anti-cheat and Sandboxie which is a shame since this is my favourite BR and it's F2P.
The main problems
  • Steam does not let you run multiple clients simultaneously, even with different Windows users logged in
This sucks because UPlay allow it and I can use Aster to play The Division flawlessly. If they allowed it then we wouldn't need to use Sandboxie to run the second instance and I assume anti-cheat would run fine.
  • Sandboxie doesn't allow programs running in the Sandbox to hook in with anti-cheat software or install drivers ect
This seems like it could be possible and our best chance. There are a few discussions about this on Sandboxie's forums but the devs just state that this is not what the software is for and ignore the requests. There are some commands that allow you to stop Sandboxie blocking hooks and drivers. But currently I don't know enough about the software to make it work. I will keep playing with it:



Going forward

I think we need to solve one of the two problems listed above for more widespread use. I am happy to test more games that people suggest.

Many thanks!


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