Game League of Legends

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Game League of Legends

Post by admin » Tue Jan 24, 2017 11:38 am

You have to create 2 local acc with administ premissin on your pc.
I recommend to use SSD for OS or two diffrent hdd for games to avoid some lags


In most cases you have to use windowed or fake fullscreen mode

1. Start LoL and Log in
2. Start LoL on second workstation in !! sandboxie and use old launcher !!
3. You are ready to play DuoQ
All games
1.You have to create 2 other folders with game (D:/Hots1 D:/Hots2)
2.Set folder with game in
settings (D:/Hots1)
3.Run game and kill all process from
form Task manager (Update agent/desktopapp)
on second workstation
5..Set folder with game in
settings (D:/Hots2) and run
6.Ready to go

Steam VAC not supported (cant play CS:GO and Dota2 on official servers)
1.Run steam on first workplace with game
2.Run steam with sandboxie on second workplace
3.Go to location with game and run game.exe with sandboxie
4.Terraria works

Rest of games (LAN work) (Some MMORPG works like GW2)
1.Run games normal
2.If you cant, create diffrent games files (D;/Age of Empires II C;/Age of Empires II)
3.If you cant, use sandboxie
4. If you cant, write to me i will try to help you
5. Minecraft works

Tested systems
1. MSI 750ti i5-2300 7GB RAM HDD/SSD OS
2. i7 5820k 4,00GhZ | 980 Ti MSI | 16 GB RAM (4x4) r DDR4 3000mhz intel SSD 750
3. Geforce MSI 760Ti | i7 3770k | 8Gb ram (2x4) ssd

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Re: Game League of Legends

Post by magnumrabello » Tue Apr 25, 2017 3:06 am

running 2 LOLs native, without sandbox.
Create a copy of client. Then change the <id>LolClient</id> in RADS\\projects\\lol_air_client\\releases\\current Version\\deploy\\META-INF\\AIR\\application.xml to something else.
each client folder for each account.
without ip change or other modifications
enjoy !!!

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Re: Game League of Legends

Post by Floidberg » Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:04 pm

I played months with friends via ASTER lol, but since 1 - 2 month, It didnt work anymore.

We can Login in both Workplaces, can entrie the Match-Search and co. but when the game start, the game crashs with that following windowbox:

This Error-Message is coming:

System Error

A critical error has occurred and the process must be terminated.

Would you like to create a crash dump to aid the developers in troubleshooting this issue? This may take up to 5 minutes.

NOTE: The procress may appear unresponsive during this time.

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