Anyway to completely Isolate 2 running Workplaces?

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Anyway to completely Isolate 2 running Workplaces?

Post by Cole » Tue Sep 06, 2016 7:23 pm

This software is great I love it,I purchased an Home License after the trial just for gaming with a friend, and I'm really happy with it!
by the way, on newer Games things are getting more complicated,
some games generate an unique ID based on hardware setting, or, serial, GUID or whatever i'm not even sure, and other have sandboxie protected servers or double game instance too..
well my question is: is there any special program (sandboxie alternative) that is not a virtual machine to use in combination of aster, that runs these program in a different hardware environment? like giving them a special harware ID but still using PC resources? (same way as a virtual machine does but still using pc hardware, i'm not capable of Vt-d at the moment).

Thank you

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Re: Anyway to completely Isolate 2 running Workplaces?

Post by denywinarto » Fri Feb 17, 2017 9:11 am

This is why im still hesitant on using multiseat.. im using diskless solution in my shop now and it has several benefits over multiseat
- centralized content and image, with diskless we can update games on server and client only needs to reboot to get the update.
I want to pair diskless with multiseat to get this benefit.. but if 1 client want to get update he needs to restart, the other 11 will have to restart as well...
- isolated OS, all programs are running just like in traditional hdd mode, not sure if multiseat can do the same.
- virus free and easy image updating, no need to worry about user changing the content since its virtual. Compare that when you run traditional hdd

On the other hand multiseat does have some benefit over diskless.
- less deployment cost, the saved cost could be used for higher specs.
- less operational cost in the long term as well.

I want to make diskless + multiseat setup to get benefits of 2 systems but the restart requirement of diskless pretty much negates the benefit of multiseat...
That and also the difficulity of isolating OS in multiseat ..

Btw.. since gpu passthrough is now possible.. why not use vmware esxi or alike?

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Anyway to completely Isolate 2 running Workplaces

Post by Albertjoiff » Sun Jul 15, 2018 4:50 pm

I just started playing around with R20 and was wondering if there were any Florida groups that would were still running PFS with it.

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