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Special Settings

Post by Kanzer » Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:57 pm

what is sameuser0?
what is sameuser2?
what is oldboot?
what is enablevidpenis?
what is enableFSF?
what is APPThreshold?
what is all???
sameuser0 make all run from same local user?

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Re: Special Settings

Post by psychrabi » Wed Aug 10, 2022 3:51 pm

Hello @Kanzer,

below are the description of the special settings you wanted to know.

enableFSF - This special settings cancels/reverses the effect of the "disableFSF" setting. This will block access to the USB Disk and flash drive attached/assigned to other workplaces. You must restart the computer for the setting to take affect.

AAPThreshold - This special setting disables the system function AAP (Accidental Activation Prevention, prevention of accidental touches). It is used in situations when the user complains about the left mouse button nor working when simultaneously pressing keys on the keyboard (usually in games). This setting may need to be applied individually at each workplace (for each user). You must restart the computer for the settings to take affect.

sameuser0 - This special settings prevents Sign-In to windows using the same user profile (account) in different workplaces.

sameuser2 - This special settings allows Sign-In to windows using the same user profile (account) at different workplaces.

oldboot - This special setting switches the ASTER driver to early boot mode (to boot driver mode). This is used to resolve the error 2 (-10).

enableVidPN - This special settings enables binding of video outputs to displays(monitors). After enabling "Assign Video Ouput" option becomes available in the context menu for displays in ASTER Control. In fresh installation of ASTER, this setting is active by default. You must restart the computer for the setting to take affect.

Please note sameuser2 is removed in latest version of ASTER (v2.31)

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