[BUGS v4.1] Maybe its bugs with windows 10

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[BUGS v4.1] Maybe its bugs with windows 10

Post by hunter » Sun Jan 17, 2016 5:09 am


Some "bugs" I found using windows 10:

1 - When connected two Microsoft Keyboard with volume controls, the terminal 1 control volume of terminal 1, ok.... But the terminal 2 control the volume of terminal 1.

2 - Some times when I restart the PC, my mouses and keyboards of the terminal's not work, I have to unplug and plug again to work...
All two keyboards and mouses are connected via a HUB in a USB 3x power from GIGABYTE 990FXA-UD3.

3 - When set to SOFTWARE cursor, in windows 10 animations (start menu ...) the mouse cursor disappear until the animations ends.

4 - Microsoft mouse wheel not work properly when Aster is in SOFTWARE mode....: When some app not work properly with Microsoft mouse wheel, We have to go in Microsoft Mouse / keyboard center to identify these app and the mouse wheel will work properly, but when ASTER is active, these apps, even when we identify... the ASTER "block" the Microsoft center to work properly with these identified apps.

Maybe this post receive future updates....

I deserve a Aster license? *-* :lol:

Thanks a lot. :D

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