Suggestions to a better Aster

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Suggestions to a better Aster

Post by hunter » Fri Jan 15, 2016 8:20 pm


Some I do not know if it is possible at the level of Windows, but I'll say.
Other I do not know if it's useful for everyone, but for this kind of software is very useful.

1 - In the same way that gives ára select each mouse or keyboard for a particular TERMINAL, could give to select a USB HUB for a particular terminal. Why?
Answer - If you are on a LAN or a workplace, I put a USB hub or a USB port next to each user and so when some connecting a USB stick, it readable and open ONLY for this user and not visible to everyone .

2 - I managed to disable the OFF button users for Windows policies. But the Aster could have it and some more direct program functions.

3 - The Aster could read the directories of units as a tree and let you select which user can view or change which folder or if both can do it. Why?
Answer - If you actually use the Aster for day-to-day work center or LAN, you will not want all users have access to the files of others. To avoid problems.

You want something better?

The Aster have the option to create a folder for each user:
D: / User / ...
And all the user access to:
D: / MyFolderOfAnything / ..
go to:
D: / User / MyFolderOfAnything / ..

(symlinks Windows)

You want something better?

Create partitions on HDD for each user and the ASTER show the partition only to certain users ....


Because it is not cool I have Windows installed in C: / and files on D: / and all users can access all files from drive D: /

4 - Support a user monitor goes to sleep separately.

5 - [BUG]
For Windows 10 on a TERMINAL I hit the start menu and the other terminal I push after the start of the first user menu will make an effect.

6 - [BUG?]
If the second user logs off, it can log in the first as well ... Is that correct? Can give problem.

7 - I could have option to the second user can not do LOGOFF.

8 - could have some configurations of the second user can not change Windows settings. Silly things I've noticed and that can give problems such as: power plans.

9 - Could mostrra other users logged in to the Directors on the Windows task window.

10 - could limit Windows features for users: RAM usage, CPU usage, use of hard disk space .....

3 days use the Aster and is very good, but to use it, lack improve some things mentioned above.
As soon as I realize that I options can be improved warning here.

I deserve a license for all this? * - * :)

Thank you :)

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Re: Suggestions to a better Aster

Post by Majo » Mon Jan 18, 2016 8:08 pm

1, +1, I also have one USB HUB / per seat
3, I have to check that, cant believe that every user can access everything. I expect that the NTFS folder permissions are working.
4, +1
6, can you login twice as the same user?
7, ? I think It would be nice that only the last logged in active user can shutdown the computer.
10, +1, would be interesting to have some fair use resource policys.

11, A Terminal inizialisation wizzard would be nice. Assign screens, mices and keyboards, displaying a dialog on the active terminal screen and by moving the mice and pressing a button on the keyboard. Especially bigger multiseat configurations are pain.

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