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User Profiles

Post by djandomor » Wed Jul 19, 2017 6:18 pm

Hello Aster

My sugestion is to create a profile "exe" , "ini"?

How its will look?

When (in my situation) i off the Aster and set my screen correct play some games etc...
and when i try back to Aster he dont want work properly always
Issue :
1) Problem with screens (dont want start) i suppose its somethink with nvidia drivers becaouse when i do somethink with screen inside windows its can start working but i still dont figureout what is correct settings for that

2) Some devices need to be attach again - its anoing

3) Some time i make difrent configuration (depend how many user want to use Aster )

So i think best idea will be create a profiles which user will be abble to set
and the windows and Aster will remember how was they look
so its should dont make any problem again with on/off and switching devices
im not sure its possible with programing aster becaouse its came with GPU Driver.. but im sure you are smart Guys :)

Why Turn off The Aster?
Some Games got extra 1-5% FPS and i can play them Full screen without problem
save 1-5% (depend HDD-SHDD-SSD) of my Drive
Save 1-5% (depend of CPU) of my CPU
Save 1-5% (depend of GPU) of my Memory GPU

Even with my GTX1080 the 4K gaming need all that % :)

Best Regards

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User Profiles

Post by Debradom » Sun Oct 18, 2020 12:34 am

User groups are cool, and Id love to have one, but they dont do anything, besides changing your name color, which I can tell you firsthand it doesnt do anymore. How can we make them useful?

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