Aster causing system to freeze

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Aster causing system to freeze

Post by froggie » Wed May 08, 2024 8:30 am

Here is the problem I am having, when starting Aster system boots up, I log in, and after a minute or so the system completely freezes up. Any program I open will not open and eventually windows explorer crashes so I can't even use anything.

I had this problem before and it almost seemed like it was being caused by a cpu spike, I recently cleaned my cpu so I don't think that is relevant anymore since it is running efficiently.

Also when I was having this problem before I was able to use Aster for a time until the system was restarted, then when the system was turned on again I ran into that same problem, the only way for me to fix it was to turn on safe mode, then disable aster, restart into normal mode and then uninstall aster then finally reinstall it.

That process was working for me up until now. When I now open Aster I have the same issue however it is still persistent after I try the process I listed above, I think it may be because of left over registry entries and left over files but this was not happening before, I can't get this figured out.
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Re: Aster causing system to freeze

Post by psychrabi » Thu Jun 13, 2024 3:41 pm

Please check your Windows Event Logs to see if any errors or warnings have been logged. Enabling ASTER alone wouldn't cause freezing. In our local system using ASTER, we have not experienced any freezing issues, even when the system is kept online for extended periods. There have been no reports of such issues yet.

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