Xbox Controller Controlling Both Sessions - Steam Big Picture

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Xbox Controller Controlling Both Sessions - Steam Big Picture

Post by tomy137 » Fri May 03, 2024 12:34 pm

Hello there!

After gaining extensive experience with Aster and managing multiple complex configurations, I've encountered a new issue that I'm unable to resolve.

  • A computer with two sessions/screens, with Aster installed and configured.
  • One Xbox controller associated exclusively with one session.

Steps to Reproduce:
  • Run a game on the first session/screen using Steam with the controller; everything runs fine. (1.2 - "Salon" in screenshot)
  • Simultaneously, launch Steam Big Picture on the second session: the cursor moves without any keyboard/mouse action. In fact, Steam Big Picture is being controlled by the controller from the first session! It seems the controller is sending actions to both sessions. If a game is launched through Big Picture, the controller from the first session also controls the game on the second session. (1.1 - "Bureau" in screenshot)
It seems that the problem is linked to conflicts between Steam's controller management and Aster.

Without Big Picture, everything runs fine. Has anyone else faced this situation before?

Thanks in advance for your time ! :D

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