software not starting

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software not starting

Post by s3bi » Mon Mar 06, 2023 9:54 pm


I installed Aster on my workstation to share it in my whole house via 2 KVM adapters over CAT7. The system works well so far and Aster installed fine and runs almost perfectly as it's intended. However, I have problems starting up certain applications. Autodesk Fusion360 and PrusaSlicer do not start up at all. The mouse shows a short sandclock but that's all.
When I deactivate Aster and reboot both programs are running fine so you can tell for sure that Aster is causing the issue. Since both programs come from the same genre more or less (3D CAD) there could be something both programs use that doesn't work with Aster. I thought about the 3D engine but both programs use DirectX 11 but games which use it run fine as far as I can tell. Can someone help me out?


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