Make GPU invisible to another user

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Make GPU invisible to another user

Post by Michoko » Fri Feb 12, 2021 8:23 pm


I'm currently using Aster (great software!) for streaming my games to my Nvidia Shield, while another user uses the computer for work at the same time. It works globally fine, but sometimes there are some small conflicts.

The "gaming" account uses an NVidia 2060 GPU, while the "work" account uses an Intel HD GPU from my motherboard. Sometimes, some of the apps running on the "work" account still see the Nvidia card and try to use it (for example, Photoshop). In the Windows 10 GPU settings, I set explicitly this application to use the Intel GPU, but it seems there are still sometimes some inconsistencies. Moreover, it's a bit tedious to setup every app to force it to use the Intel GPU.

In ASTER configuration, I only set Nvidia devices to the "gaming" account, but the "work" account still seems to detect it and try to use it. So I was wondering if it would be possible to make the Nvidia GPU totally invisible to the "work" account. It might help with making devices coexist without apps trying to use one or another. Is it possible, please? Thank you!

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