monitor doesnt wake up + minor audio bug

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monitor doesnt wake up + minor audio bug

Post by Rebeka » Thu Jan 14, 2021 2:04 pm

Zdarova friends,

Aster is a super duper tool i really do like, but! ... let me first start with the system setup...

running the latest Aster 2.17
AMD RX480 + W10x64
HP Z420 + E5-1650v1
The card has 1xHDMI, 3xDP, 1xDVI
the primary workstation uses the DP connection to monitor (Samsung C27FG70) and secondary workstation is on the HDMI (Philips TV, used as HTPC).

Now whats happening: mobdro kodi
whenever primary goes to either display sleep (from OS) or i manually turn it off, it doesnt wake up, the monitor just flashes back and forth and stays in sleep mode. Weird thing is, that it shows like 5 times that it tries to catch signal from the DP output, but nothing. Secondary system runs without any problems all the time (thats the behaviour of the TV, that even turned off it reports over HDMI as active and alive).
I tried to disable monitor sleep in the OS, that would work OK, but if i push the power button (dont want to have the monitor running 24/7), the primary workstation is just stuck in zombie mode. I can restart the whole OS from the secondary one, but thats a quirky workaround...

To me, it looks like that windows knows "monitor turned off, lets switch to alternate configuration" and thats the end of the fun :-( ...

And the minor audio bug? For some reason, all system sounds no matter how i set it up, are going to the secondary audio output (set to the TV)...

The monitor thing is just the last show stopper, if someone tells me how to fix this, ill buy the product for sure (really, its the best one).

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