Monitors vanish from system with 1703 update?

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Monitors vanish from system with 1703 update?

Post by MatiasMyles » Wed Sep 16, 2020 11:36 am

I had Aster 2.18 running, then the 1703 update installed.
Then when Terminal1 was idle, the monitor shut off. Nothing I did would revive it so I restarted the computer from Terminal2.
On reboot, the Windows Control Panel no longer shows any monitors on my system other than the Terminal 2 monitor, which is not even the monitor that the Bios uses when booting up the computer.
So now I can no longer even try to use these monitors, with or without Aster activated. I disabled/rebooted aster, re-enabled, disabled&rebooted then uninstalled. And still those monitors no longer show up in my device manager.
I have uninstalled the video card driver, and reinstalled. Uninstalled the monitor driver that IS working and reinstalled, still the other monitor does not show up. Normally Aster shows 4 monitor devices because that is what my video card has ports for, but I only have 2 monitors actually plugged in to the computer.
This is the second time this problem has happened with this 1703 update. The first time which was a few days ago, I formatted my computer and reinstalled everything in order to be working again. Then the update happened again and now I am back to broken.
I also tried "rolling back to the previous version of windows" like they have built in to windows 10, but it did not work.

please help! I don't know what it is Aster changes to the system to make it do what it does, but whatever it is, does not go away when the software uninstalls

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