9 monitor setup : disconnected monitor issue

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9 monitor setup : disconnected monitor issue

Post by denywinarto » Tue Oct 03, 2017 4:21 am

Here's my setup:

Motherboard : asrock x99 taichi
GPU : Dual rx570, gygabite and powercolor
NVME 950 SSD samsung
Geil RAM 16GB
EVGA 1000 watt PSU
9 Viewsonic VA2407h monitor
OS : Windows 7 x64 ultimate sept 2017
Driver version 17.9.3 from http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-article ... Notes.aspx
Ports and cables used :
DP to HDMI + HDMI to HDMI cable x5
DVI-D to HDMI x2

Issue :
I'll put it chronological order :
1. Windows 7 x64 ultimate sept 2017gm
2. After Installing driver only 8 monitors work, the non-working one is connected to the discrete GPU on dvi-d drive.
3. The workaround we found was to switch the disabled monitor with another completely different monitor.
4. But after reboot the crossfire is suddenly turned on, causing only 4 displays from the main gpu to work.
5. Then when we try to disable crossfire the amd panel just closes without error.
6. Reboot again, only 8 monitors working again, switching to earlier monitor doesn't work
So basically everytime the machine reboot we have to switch the non working monitor to a brand new monitor.
The issue happens after 3 times fresh OS installation without no additional software or drivers.
So the problem is narrowed down to either the OS or the AMD drivers.

The issue also happens on windows 10 until #3 but the difference after reboot there's no disconnected monitor issue.
I had to choose windows 7 because we need mandatory profile, and mandatory profile is unstable in windows 10.
Third party program such as cleanslate cannot work under multiseat, i have contacted the cleanslate dev but they have yet to come up with a fix.

So i'm stuck now.. i guess multiseat is not gonna work for business use yet..

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9 monitor setup disconnected monitor issue

Post by Albertjoiff » Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:16 pm

I have connected my TV from my PC video output to an HDMI port on my TV.
I get a different aquarium screen on my TV than I do on my PC monitor.
I have "monitor extend" turned off.

I would like to have DA running on the TV while I am working on the computer.
Is there a way to do that?

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