Multiseat RDP Steam gamestream

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Multiseat RDP Steam gamestream

Post by djmanuel » Tue Jul 25, 2017 12:42 pm

Hi all there,
So, I'm new to Aster Multiseat or better said, I haven't tried it yet.

I got a somewhat big project to solve:
I've got an Server (hp dl 580) with enough ressource (4x xeon 8c/16t; 1x gtx 1080 + 2x 1070; 256 GB Ram) to power multiple users at the same time. My plan is to setup windows server 2012 r2 with multiuser rdp where each user can connect to the same server at the same time from an scrappy Laptop (it is working). But I've got another problem: We want to use this Server not only for productive work (Videocutting in Premiere pro or Other programms in Sandboxie) but we want to use this box to act as a Steam gamserver (RDP isn't that good for gamestreaming) so we thought about using the Steam Inhomestreaming, but as we tried it, It shows the error, that the screen is locked. I searched in the web a little, but I couldn't find any solouton that could work (we only have one "screen" that is directed to the ILO interface of the server). So earlier in the planning stage I found this multiseat software, but I noticed, that we would need to carry some monitors, keyboards and mices with us instead of some old scrappy laptops which we already have.
So my main question is, if it is possible to use this multiseat software to "emulate" the hardwaremonitor (so that windows WDDM driver thinks, there are multiple Monitors). We even could disconnect from rdp to give the screen back to the multiseatsoftware and then logon to it via teamviewer and the start steam, so that steam can't say "monitor is locked".
Is that possible or would we need some VGA dummy plugs to achieve our goal?

We need that setup in about an month working :D

If anyone can help, that would be just great :D

Thanks, Manuel

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