Aster does not uses my Nvidia Card

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Aster does not uses my Nvidia Card

Post by Sikan » Wed May 04, 2016 10:48 am

Hey guys,
i Just downloaded Aster yesterday(What an Awesome Software man!!!!!). This software is the best one that i was looking for it so far,anyway...
Lets talk about Problem:
The first time that i started Aster,the program just showed 2 VGA Card(My intel HD 4600 and GTX 850M).I tried to use GTX for my Primary Terminal(Main Account) and Intel for Secondary Monitor,But when i restarted The Laptop(For starting using Aster),The GTX VGA just Got Removed from my Terminals!!,I just tried to disable Intel and Nvidia and i reinstalled drivers 2 times But no Luck...
I uninstalled Aster with its Own uninstaller and some other Uninstalling software for complete reinstalling,But again No luck for Me,
So my main Question is this: Is there anyway to add Nvidia to Terminals from Outside like drag and Drop?
Or i have to reinstall my Windows for Complete removing of Aster ?
Thanks :)

Edit***: I don't want to have two VGA card At the Same time,If there is a way to use Nvidia for Both Terminals,That can be a good solution for me,Because I'm not going to play Heavy games with 2nd Terminal

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