Many Problems with Aster V7 - need help

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Many Problems with Aster V7 - need help

Post by X-Gamer » Thu Mar 31, 2016 1:40 pm


i want buy Aster also many friends and customers want it.

But have some problems.

Using Windows 10 .

I better with other like Windows 8.1 ????

1. Problem:

How can use Aster with my Seup / Hardware Setup ?

I have 6 Monitors.

Want use as now the 6x Monitors (2x Graphics Card - 3x Monitors at 1 Graphic Card other 3x at the 2nd Graphic Card) at the 1 terminal and at 2 and 3 terminal want use other monitors.

But it not work.

6work but only 1 terminal: ... e603ae.png

only this work but not terminal 1 6x monitors: ... 9d764e.png

and only this work but not terminal 1 6x monitors: ... e9c28c.png

so i want it look at screen below:

this is how i want need with 2 or more terminals and terminal 1 all 6 monitors: ... 644fe2.png

2. Problem:

And please for this :

Also how can i use Teamviewer or Anydesk or something like that to access a terminal from outside / over internet etc?

When i try i only see at Teamviewer / Anydesk , etc VNC the first 1 terminal. But when try connect to terminal 2 or terminal 3 always only the terminal 1 is seen at Teamviewer , Anydesk or VNC etc.

How can i use it ?

Also how can i create a terminal only for streaming games over Steam In Homestreaming wihtout monitor and without mouse and keyboard only for streaming ?

3. Problem:

When use Steam In Homestreaming it work at 2 terminal with monitor connected and mouse / keyboard connected.

But when use Nvidia or Amd hardware encoding the screen is flickering als 1 -2 secounds. with software encoding it work but its very slow / slower

How can it be fixed ?

4. Problem:

At the Terminal 2 and 3 sound not work no sound cards / sound outputs are shown at Windows also not in Aster V7 only at Terminal 1-


Terminal 1 all work Aster V7 and WIndows Sound Card options.: ... 158234.png

Terminal 2 and 3 Aster V7 shows no sound cards also WIndows Shows nothing.: ... 8698f1.png

Using windows 10.

Is better use Windows 8.1 ???

Hope you understand all and you can help !?


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Re: Many Problems with Aster V7 - need help

Post by ajsman » Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:34 pm

any fix for problem 4 please?

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Re: Many Problems with Aster V7 - need help

Post by psychrabi » Tue Oct 17, 2017 12:42 pm

Use windows 10 for system OS, windows 8 is old and not in active support from Microsoft

If you want to use 2 monitor per terminal then use 3 graphics card with 2 monitor output - you cannot assign monitor from different card to 1 monitors (multi monitor in 1 terminal)
If you want to use more than 2 monitor then you need to check which graphics cards the monitor are connected to
and assign all the monitors connected to 1 card to 1 terminal.

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