Product Questions

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Product Questions

Post by Ryan » Fri May 08, 2015 4:09 am

My objective is to set up a four seat/1 monitor each gaming system for the family. It does not need to be super high end, but being able to run something comparable to Skyrim each ...


1. What is the distance each keyboard/mouse/screen can be from the computer. What equipment do I need for long runs (like running all that over ethernet to various parts of the house.

2. I would like each terminal to be "laptop like". And all in one laptop/screen/trackpad/mouse solutions out there?

3. With regard to 2 ... is there any way to make a laptop act as keyboard/mouse/screen for this?


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Product Questions

Post by backtolinux » Tue May 26, 2015 4:36 pm


Ihave good mood and wanted everyone access the best of computer, as each wanted.

What you want-describe is the goal of each one take a try with aster.

First, look at the higher you want to see : a gaming pc (not specially a hard gaming, just enough powerful to play "standard")

You know, for descent game experience, a good GPU is needed. Following this rules, A good GPU per seat is the minimum.
At this point, you will encounter problem because there is not many motherboard letting putting such number of card. More over, for equality and good experience, you have to have slot x16 for each card, that more difficult. If you want to afford a GA-990FXA-UD5-7 or an asrock extrem 9 or msi Z97 with 4 slots x16 and processor and momory (and all needed to upgrade), and so on. Or you can do with 2 Motherboars, with 2 slots x16 each.

Second, for the input device and the screen, the solution is same as for all pc. Standard keyboard and mouse with standard wire.

Third, you can install steam and play all game across streaming. Gb ethernet needed. And your third questionj is answered :every computer (even thin client) can connect to your server and play as it would be behing PC.

Aster V7 for separating session, steam (with in-home streaming techno) to play remotely, and sanboxie to isolate each game and play concurency same game at same moment but differents users.

What I did, I bought asrock K10N780X3SLIWIFI (in remplacement from asus m2n-sli and wifi card was out due to space needed in case).
16 Go RAM, 2 X HD7950 with 1000W power supply, and all others was owned (as 512Go SSD, case, keyboards/mouses, screens, network wires).
My sons stream game (even not steam game) that is not installed on their computer, from their bedroom or from living room.

Remember, when you setup a good game server, you can reach it from anywhere whith any device that can play steam interface : from laptop, from thin clien, from another server....

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Product Questions

Post by beast2040 » Sat Jun 06, 2015 11:31 pm

I think here you will find some answers.

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